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RPF Building has attended and successfully managed 40 major events since 1989 RPF Building has completed over 50,000 major natural disaster repairs with an average time frame from start to completion of 45 days, at an average cost of $80,000.00 per job. This makes RPF Building a reliable, experienced builder in disaster recovery

Inside RPF: Our WHS Strategy

Inside RPF: Our WHS Strategy At RPF we believe people and the environment are assets. Nothing is more important than their safety and well-being. We remain focused and committed to risk management to ensure that people return home safely to their families at the end of their working day. < BACK TO BLOG
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Inside RPF: Corporate Wellness

Inside RPF: Corporate Wellness At RPF we recognise that work forms a major part of adult life and it is where we are likely to be influenced to change behaviour and adopt healthy habits. Our wellness program is designed to support healthy behaviour in the workplace and to improve health outcomes. Our wellness promotions are…
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Cyclone Debbie 2017 Case Study

Cyclone Debbie 2017: Case Study Tropical Cyclone Debbie hit the east coast of Far North Queensland (QLD) on Tuesday the 28th of March 2017. It was the second most damaging storm in Australia’s history. Cyclone Debbie is a great case study to show how RPF Building is able to rapidly respond during an emergency event.…
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